Product Description

RIMPLY block board with More Layer of Hardwood core veneer.
Rimboard, the premium ISI marked Block Boards are made from Kiln seasoned and preservative treated timber, with more layers of hardboard core veneer than any other ordinary block board. Selected wood veneer on it gives the board a very high mechanical strength and high screw holding capacity. Block boards are pressed at high temperatures and pressures and are bonded with superior grade resin (conforming to IS 848 : 1974) resulting in a product with higher dimensional stability and excellent insulating properties. Rimboard, the premium block boards are weather proof and do not twist under wood working conditions. Fixed type preservatives are used in the boards to make them resistant to borers and termites.
Interior grade : interior grade block boards glued with superior grade melamine urea formaldehyde resin gives boards an advantage over other commercial grade boards. The use of this resin gives our boards enough strength to resist warm water upto 8 hours.
Exterior Grade : exterior grade block boards are bonded with superior grade Phenol formaldehyde resin, which makes our product 72 hours boiling waterproof at 100 degree centigrade.

Technical Specifications

Test Observed Values
Dimensional changes caused by humidity No delamination, Dimensional changes + -1mm Glue Shear Strength (N)
Resistance to water Excellent
Adhesion of Piles Excellent
Mycological Test No separation of edges
Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm2) Grade - 1 above 5000, Grade 2 - Above 4000
Modulus of rupture (N/mm2) Grade - 1 above 50, Grade 2 - Above 40

Brands Available