Product Description

RIMDOOR, the premium grade flush door with the advantage of more layers is a durable product for its excellent quality, exceptional finish and unique demonstrational stability. It is made of selected hardwood frames and accurate battens. It is evenly constructed with same species of timber that matters the most in providing longer life. Stiles, rails and wooden strips are kiln-seasoned and are treated with eco-friendly preservatives.

BWP grade of phenol formaldehyde resin is used bonding the layers. The phenolic resin conforms to IS 848 : 1974. Specification which is mixed with unique additives to enhance the protection characteristics. RIMDOORS have extra lock rail that provides sufficient strength to handle and knobs. Its hardwood forms provide high strength for fitting of hinges and deviation resistance.

Technical Specifications

Test Requirement of IS 2202 Test Result
Dimensions & Squareness Length, width: +/-5mm
Thickness: +/-1mm
Squareness:1mm at a length of 500mm
Length, width: +/-5mm
Thickness: +1mm/-0.2mm
Squareness: < 1mm at a at a length of 500mm
General Flatness <6.0m <4.0mm
Impact Indentation <0.2mm Max. Deflection -<5.0 mm <0.2mm Max Deflection -<3.0mm
Edge Loading Test Residual deflection -<0.5mm Lateral buckling -<2.0mm Residual deflection -<0.5mm Lateral buckling -<1.0mm
Shock Resistance Test Should withstand 5 blows Can withstand 25 blows
Misuse Test Pass Excellent
End Immersion Test Should have no de-lamination at the end of the test There is no de-lamination at the end of the test
Knife/Glue Adhesion - Test Screw Withdrawal Resistance Pass > 1000 N Excellent > 1500 N

Brands Available