Product Description

18mm-15 ply
With more layers of hardwood core veneer & more glue lines

It is available in MR and Commercial Plys. RIMPLY, the premium MR Grade ISI marked plywood is a changed version in the arena of old beliefs of so called commercial plywood. The MR Grade Ply is bonded with Melamine Urea formaldehyde resin. The use of this resin gives the plywood enough strength to resist warm water up to 8 hours. It is best suited for interior applications. Apart from shaping and realising your dreams in interior woodworking, this ply with more layer keeps your furniture strong enough, not to be affected by any exterior environment.

RIMPLY, the premium MR Grade ISI Marked plywood confirms to IS:303. IT has not only created a goodwill in the market for its quality, but has established a record for consistency and smooth supply to the dealers, architects and interior designers. RIMPLY, the Premium Ply MR Grade plywood has superb shear strength and resistance to water as the UF resin contains melamine combination prepared in a special way.

It has no warping tendency even under the extreme conditions. Being and manufacture with More layers, the ply has the advantage of life More stable and thus it is More long-lasting.

Technical Specifications

Test Observed Values
Moisture Content 6 - 8 %
Glue Shear Strength
Dry State
Wet State

BWR-1500 MR-1200
BWR-1200 MR-1000
BWR-1200 MR-1000
Specific Gravity 0.7 to 0.75
Swelling in Water Less than 1%

Brands Available